Welcome to this week's episode where we take a look at the captured emotion of appreciation from a selection of lovely videos I stumbled upon. Take a look at these videos to understand where I am coming from:

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) - Numb [audience sings] (Oberhausen 06.03.2019)

BOY "Little Numbers" Live at Union Hall, Brooklyn March 02, 2013

Matt Nathanson 8/22/14: 15 - You Shook Me All Night Long [AC/DC] Impromptu-Clifton Park,NY FullShow


There are plenty of others like this but when a band or artist pours their heart and soul into a performance and the audience responds in such a way then the connection and show of appreciation hits at a level that is hard to replicate. I hope you enjoy listening to today's episode as much as I did making it!




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